This is our third single from our new album. The track highlights the concept of the “1968” record of retelling the story of that momentous year by putting the My Lai massacre during the Vietnam War to music. The song (and its instrumental version on the B-Side) are now available on all digital platforms at ⇒

The album “1968” is of course available in our Shop along with our whole back catalogue.

“Paris, the second single accompanying our new concept album “1968”, effortlessly shows that sophisticated rock music does not have to be pretentious. With its intoxicating beat and sheer power, the song vividly conjures up pictures of students marching through the streets of Paris in 1968 and lets the attitude of a whole generation come to life.

This is the first single accompanying our new album “1968”. It is a shortened version of the quasi-title track of the record, “The Hopes We Had (in 1968). Along with its instrumental B-side “Derry” it is available on most digital platforms like Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music etc.

Video clip to the song “CUT IT DEEP” taken off our 2016 concept album “Starlight Clearing”. Camera: Ralph Sondermann • Video editing: Roger Weitz
“THE PROMISE” – full version of the opening song of our 2016 albums “Starlight Clearing”, featuring pictures from the CD-Artwork (photos by Rolf Weingarten and Ralph Sondermann, drawings by Lorenz-Gelius-Laudam).
“VOICES IN THE RAIN” – another track from the 2016 FLYING CIRCUS album “Starlight Clearing”, performed live here in 2015 at the USK cinema Elsdorf, Germany.​

This version is available on the CD-/DVD-pack “25 LIVE”, which is included in the deluxe version of the album “Starlight Clearing.

“LOST IN FORESTS” – the full closing song from the 2016 Flying Circus album “Starlight Clearing”, featuring video material filmed in London and pictures from the CD artwork (photos by Rolf Weingarten and Ralph Sondermann, drawings by Lorenz Gelius-Laudam)
“FIRE (I WANNA GO)” – Full audio track from the 2013 Flying Circus EP “Ones and Zeros” plus CD-Artwork (photos by Rolf Weingarten & Antje Görnig) and band pics (photos by Ralph Sondermann).
“HERO IN DISGUISE” – Combining the finished audio track “Hero In Disguise” with video material documenting its recording sessions at “Roger’s Farmhouse Studio”, Bedburg, and “Blömer Audio”, Stolberg, this clip should give you an impression of how the 2013 Flying Circus EP “Ones and Zeros” was produced.
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